Today, starting yesterday until September 6, we are learning about KRILLS!! Yes krill, but not just krill……Antarctic Krill. Our main questions about our topic is:

  •  What is the Antarctic Marine Ecosystem?
  • How are marine resources managed in Antarctica since it belongs to no country?
  •  What it all has to do with krill populations

Then at the end of September 6, we will then have a field trip. And that’s all for today:) 










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Startin’ our Science

Today we started our new topic with my old teammates KC & CJ. So instead of rushin’  we, instead of making a blog, looked up bundles of information and links. First of all, the problem is that we haven’t read them yet. Though we didn’t read it yet we still got background knowledge.

Besides startin’ science, we also, well did the same ol’ things today. Today we did PE, harsh as usual, but fun too. Then after PE we went up to go straight away to ”independent reading”. Really we didn’t really go straight away to reading, but went straight away to talking so we got in trouble and had to stay in for recess. And I assure you Mr.Clarken we learned our lesson.  Then we did Algebra, which in some problems I had trouble with, but I had my classmates to help me out.Then after Algebra is Interest Group and my interest is on La-atin. Anyways so I remembered almost all of them, thanks to Angel.:) Then we went to writing, after writing we went to the library and dismissed ourselves.

So today was like busy,busy, busy. We did lots of work and some we need to catch up with our work, but anyways it was a great day.


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Wow today is going to be epic cuz today is the day when we go to Shakespeare. To let you know, Shakespeare isn’t boring at all. Shakespeare is  fun,relaxing and also also educational. Going to watch the colleges is not only awesome, but it’s also amazing about how much they can memorize. Can’t wait!!! 

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Back to School Night


BTSN (Back to school Night). It’s going to at August 18, for 4-6 graders, at 6:00. So remember to come.

Anyways besides BTSN, today is Friday. So It’s Friday, Friday. Wow today was well it’s the usual. Today we had the to do the geo test. So today we had a new geography to study. Oh I almost forgot, I have a new partner Matrix (Aejay) because we had to move desks.Really to be honest it’s not that bad sitting next to Matrix, but I dont like it either. Anyways we had to move desks because of Math. Talking about Math, today we had to stay in over lunch listening to Mr.Clarken changing the subject from Math to the money you make to your future to seeing people around the world like people starve. It was pretty funny though. Anyways today was funny and usual. K bye That’s all for today!!!

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Picture Day;3

Pic Day

Remember to smile because today is (drumroll please)…….. It’s Picture Day

I, to be honest, don’t like to smile. I also had a feeling that I blinked, but they would’ve told me.Anyways besides picture day today we had a sub.So really there was ups and downs and ups.

Just remember:



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Thanks 2 Caitlyn

Wow I really noticed that I don’t blog anymore and I’m going to change that!! So this is the beginning of blogging in a long time and it’s all because of CJ AKA Caitlyn. So thank you!!

Well first of all, school is great!!  Shakespeare… One word…..AWESOME!!! I LOVE Love Shakespeare!! Most of all, I love doing the scenes where you get to be the character and act it out. Besides Shakespeare, Math is just off the hook!! It is like really hard though, but that’s whats so awesome about it. There’s also Geography, which is amazing that you get to know the whole earth.

So that’s all for now and again :

Thank you Caitlyn!! 🙂

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First Day/Second Day


Omg the first day of school was great!! I was excited, but to be also honest I was also scared. I feel as if I don’t even to be in the GATE Program, but here I am. Anyways I know 6th grade is going to be HARSH,but I it’s great going through it all with a gifted, talented and smart teacher and my friends on my side wherever I a. We had a classmate, Alfred, who is new to the GATE Program and it’s really great that at least one was new to our GATE Program.Our first day was long and  there was alot of talking from Mr.Clarken, and we saw each other again and it was  great!! We talked about the rules and things that are expected of us and many other.

Anyways, now that it’s our second day I’m trying to keep up with blogging and others and tell you what it feels great:) So yeah IM BACK! 🙂

 The second day of school, we got right to work. First of all this is our schedule. PE was harsh but it gets you moving.After PE we did a little of Math to start the day. Then after we were done with our Math we did reading. I read Shakespeare’s Script and it isn’t about Shakespeare and his life though but it was the time where plays and Shakespeare was really famous.Moving on we started doing more Math! We learned about the place values!! Then we did Shakespeare, which was fun getting to act. Then we did more more math!! Yeah Math!! That there was what I did today.


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